Redefining Salads

for a decade!

What's on the Menu!

We are happy to be able to offer you and your loved ones wholesome meals, salads, and soups as well as our full line of health snacks as follows:

  • Delivery EVERYDAY for lunchtime

  • Reheat-able Meals which can serve 2 ,with Entrees and Sides presented in Portion Tubs twice weekly (Serve immediately or refrigerate and reheat) t


All Health & Safety protocols and best practices will be observed in carrying out your deliveries. We count on our clients to do same!

Payments by online deposits, deferred tabs with limited cash or cheques continue at your convenience.

Check our menu page

Creating Food Experiences

FranciFoods: The Food Experience

Company is a professional catering

company dedicated to creating 

for any event or occasion a

memorable food experience.

  • Innovative and trending 

  • delightful flavours 

  • attention to detail 

  • favourite local ingredients 

  • fresh, appetizing meals and

  • beautiful presentations

  • efficient friendly service

  • client satisfaction

  • exceed client expectations

Yes! It's FranciFoods!


Orders & bookings

We take custom orders for any Corporate event, or Private function. 


Let us know what you need and FranciFoods will handle the details!


Full service may be provided as well as delivery only.

Any rentals or beverage services required will be arranged upon request.

send us an EMAIL to 

Orders & bookings

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